June 29th Recap

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June 29th Recap Empty June 29th Recap

Post by FRBAdmin on Tue Jul 01, 2008 6:56 pm

Hey guys,

For those of you who were not there, I wanted to give you a recap of our activities and highlights this past Sunday.

Game 1 - This was a double capture the flag between Steel Fort (new and improved) and Shmegville. Our side ended up losing the fight, but was able to get into position for an attack very quickly and with stealth. We had a flag grabber walk right past us. We basically got pinned down in the center during an attack and got picked off slowly one by one. Not a whole lot of agressive movement on our part, which seemed to be a theme throughout the day.

Game 2 - Straight up elimination game with the hero of the fight being Mills along with Tyler and Jordan. After an entire flank was defeated, hope seemed lost for our right flank with 5 guys coming after them to the left. With some tricky bait and switch tactics, Tyler and Jordan lured the attackers in one by one, with Mills in a concealed position who nailed all 5 of them effectively winning the game. It was OUTSTANDING work!

Game 3 - This one was a one hour scenario with flag objectives and kill counts for points. Again we ended up losing, but only by a few kills and were able to hold off vicious attacks against our two last stand flags which remained uncaptured. The key to this game was picking the geography which we produce to our advantage. Sometimes the high ground isn't always the best ground.

All in all we were able to get our communication going with the radios and things worked out very well, but there needs to be a protocol established to avoid confusion.

Great job team!

Best Regards,

Chris Peace

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