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Post by robcoenen on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:54 pm

I have been making some goggle fans and didn't know if any of you guys would be interested in them. I make them to run on either 4-AAA batteries or a 1-9V battery. The battery boxes are switched, so you can turn them on and off, which maximizes the battery life. I have been using mine with the same charge on my rechargeable AAA's for a complete season and have not recharged them yet (but I should note that I maybe run the fan for 10 minutes per day of play). I find that I use the fan more for air conditioning than to remove fogging. My fan has been a life saver the few times that I have really needed it. Nothing pisses me off more than getting in the perfect possition for an ambush and while I am laying there waiting, having my goggles start to fog up...

Goggle Fans Fan-Included

The fans run $30 each which includes an elastic band that you thread you goggle strap through, which holds the battery box very secure. Along with two zip-ties to secure the fan and wire. I personally use the wire twist-ties so I can remove my fan for cleaning of my goggles, but most people request zip-ties.

Goggle Fans FanInstalledGoggle Fans Faninstalled-side

If you are interested please post and/or PM which battery type you would like. I can have them for you at the next team game or earlier if you would like to meet up.
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