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Post by robcoenen on Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:53 pm

Sold on Ebay!

I am listing this for a buddy of mine, who wants to get away from Milsim and into speedball. I drug him to a couple of scenarios and it is not his thing.

Everything shown is included:

Lightly used X7 LNIB (serial #105)
XP-5SD Foregrip
X36 Folding Stock
X36 Carry Handle w/ built in laser (see pic)
AK-47 Mag w/ built in battery & allen wrench compartment (see pic)
Shocktech SupaFly delrin bolt
And a lot of new spare parts (a complete X7 Cyclong Feed, power tube, complete valve, complete oring kit, and an extra hopper)

All parts (aside from spare parts) have seen light use. He is asking for $385 OBO for this sale. If interested Post and PM. I will run any offer by him. The worst he can do is say no. Now onto the pictures...
X7 Package Deal 851a_12X7 Package Deal 75b9_12
X7 Package Deal 7673_12X7 Package Deal 783b_12

Custom laser mounting
X7 Package Deal 7ab7_12
Custom battery & allen wrench storage
X7 Package Deal 7903_12X7 Package Deal 7c8d_12

X7 Package Deal 7d79_12X7 Package Deal 7e62_12
Spare parts
X7 Package Deal 7ba9_12

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